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Field Closures/Game Cancellation Policy (for Grassroots and House League) 

The fields we use are owned by the City of Moncton.  As such, the City has the authority to close the fields in the event of poor weather (typically heavy rain).  These closures are done to protect the fields from being damaged when they are excessively wet.  Whenever the City of Moncton closes the CN Sportsplex soccer fields, all Codiac Soccer House League games are cancelled, including those games scheduled for play at Rocky Stone field, or in Riverview/Dieppe.
To check for field closures,  CLICK HERE  to go to the City of Moncton webpage where field closures are posted.  Closures should be posted by 3:00 PM, so it is best to wait until shortly after 3:00 to ensure you are viewing the most up to date information.
It is the responsibility of the parents to check for field closures when the weather is poor; coaches are not required to contact their teams to notify them of closures.
Thunderstorms/dangerous weather
If, during play, the weather becomes dangerous due to a thunderstorm, all play will be immediately suspended.  Codiac staff will sound the notice of cancellation by way of an air horn.  Coaches and referees have the authority to cancel play at the first sign of a thunderstorm, and are encouraged to get players safely off the field as quickly as possible.  There is no need to wait for Codiac staff to confirm cancellation of play.
If the early games are suspended due to thunderstorms, the late games are cancelled as well, even if the weather improves.

Games lost due to poor weather are not rescheduled.